The award ceremony for the Decarbonization Challenge Cup 2024 was held. Tanso-manGX Co., Ltd. awarded “Tanso-man Project GX Promotion Excellence Award” to Tiger Showa Industries Co., Ltd.

The award ceremony for the Decarbonization Challenge Cup took place on February 6, 2024, at the University of Tokyo.

Tanso-manGX Co., Ltd. participated as judges, and we awarded the “Tanso-man Project GX Promotion Excellence Award” to Tiger Showa Industries Co., Ltd., which manufactures food products for convenience stores.

Tiger Showa Industries, the recipient of the Tanso-man Project GX Promotion Excellence Award, primarily manufactures food products for major convenience stores in the Greater Tokyo Area and North Kanto region.

[Key Initiatives] Since fiscal year 2019, they have initiated the “Eco Action 21” program. In pursuit of the goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030, employees have engaged in discussions and implemented various initiatives including:

  • Upgrading energy-intensive equipment/reducing waste (such as transitioning to LED lighting)
  • Visualizing energy wastage
  • Investing in facilities (such as installing solar panels)
  • Introducing localized cooling devices to cool products only, among others.

[Achievements] By 2022, they achieved a reduction of 3,416 tons compared to the 2013 baseline, reaching 67% of the 2030 target.

[Progress] 2013 CO2 emissions: 11,051 tCO2 ↓ (Approximately 46% reduction) 2022 CO2 emissions: 7,635 tCO2 ※ 2030 CO2 emissions target: 3,938 tCO2

[Future Initiatives] They plan to implement the following to achieve the 2030 target:

  • Establishment of environmentally-friendly factories
  • Self-efforts at the factories
  • Purchase of renewable energy

[Reason for Awarding the Tanso-man Project GX Promotion Excellence Award] We believe that decarbonization of factories is indispensable for achieving net-zero carbon. However, decarbonization of large facilities such as factories requires significant time and effort. We commend Tiger Showa Industries for achieving approximately 3,000 tons of CO2 reduction through concerted efforts of all employees. Furthermore, we were impressed by their commitment to both strengthening CO2 reduction and continuing sales growth, as well as their plans for environmentally-friendly factory construction. Therefore, we have awarded Tiger Showa Industries the Tanso-man Project GX Promotion Excellence Award.

【Company Overview】

Company NameTiger Showa Industries Co., Ltd. (Torasho Sangyo)
Company Website
FoundedSeptember 1, 1967
President and CEONaohisa Uchiyama
Number of Employees1,292 (as of February 2023)
Business ActivitiesFood manufacturing industry (manufacturing and processing of deli foods and bakery products for convenience stores)

Tanso-manGX will continue to provide full support for the promotion of GX in Japan and Asia.

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