Supporting Corporate GX

Tanso-man GX Co., Ltd. is a GX (Green
Transformation) company based in Osaka,
Tokyo, and Vietnam. We develop innovative
IT solution tools daily to contribute to
visualizing and reducing greenhouse gas
emissions, thereby supporting decarbonized

The goal of achieving carbon neutrality
worldwide by 2050 has been established.
However, achieving carbon neutrality
requires significant reform, as the current
emission level exceeds 300 billion tons of
CO2. Companies’ operations are a significant
contributor to CO2 emissions, highlighting
the importance of adopting a perspective of
decarbonized management in business
operations. Balancing environmental
protection with business operations is
crucial; prioritizing environmental concerns
may impose heavy burdens on corporate
activities. Conversely, focusing solely on
profit and productivity may neglect efforts
toward decarbonization, leading to adverse

We believe it is essential to develop
mechanisms that allow companies to engage
in environmentally conscious practices
without forsaking profit-seeking in business
management. To realize a society where all
companies protect the Earth’s environment
while increasing profits, we have initiated the
“TanSoMan Project.

What’s TansoMan Project

The TanSoMan Project” is the collective term
for the services we provide to support corporate GX

We also provide financial support, such as subsidies,
 grants, and loans, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Additionally, we operate Software as a
Service (SaaS) solutions
that enable
the management of CO2 emissions.

We provide total support to ensure that companies can truly achieve GX


We support GX for
all companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises.

To support GX for all companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, we have developed services that minimize the hurdles for GX as much as possible. We assist in all aspects of GX, from fundraising to analysis, problem identification, further analysis, reduction, and reporting.



Start visualizing your CO2 emissions for 0 yen.
It is a completely new SaaS that anyone can easily start using GX.


Financial Support/Subsidies/
Loan Assistance

We support corporate finance to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in their GX efforts. Particularly, industries such as manufacturing and transportation often face severe funding shortages, hindering their ability to engage in GX activities. We have a track record of assisting SMEs with subsidy support, with over 100 cases annually. Experienced SME consultants, among others, provide financial support tailored for GX initiatives.

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Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or questions
regarding Tanso-Man GX.