Challengers Wanted
for the Greatest Mission:
Saving the Earth!

Saving the Earth from global warming is not an easy task. However, we believe that with a team of dedicated members who are truly committed to making a change, it is achievable. That’s why our company is recruiting only passionate “challengers” who have a strong desire to save the Earth.

If you are someone who wants to change the future of our planet and improve yourself in the process, we invite you to join us in tackling our greatest mission together.


DirectorHayato Kaneko

Young and Leading the Vietnam Subsidiary!
The Best Partner for the Representative

I serve as a director of tanso-manGX and the representative of our subsidiary in Vietnam. In addition to managing the company’s operations, I am also involved in organizing the development structure and managing over 50 engineers.

【Company’s Appeal】
Our company operates at a speed faster than any other I’ve been involved with! By seeking speed in every process, from initiation to improvement, I believe tanso-manGX can change the field of GX, an area where Japan has lagged behind the world.

【Future Goals】
As immediate goals, we are considering listing tanso-manGX and expanding our ASEAN base to lay the foundation for global expansion. Furthermore, we aim to expand worldwide, not just in Asia, to prevent global warming and protect the Earth.

【Personal Commitment to Carbon Neutrality】
Despite being sensitive to heat, I always ensure that the air conditioner is set to ECO mode.

【Message to Job Seekers】
Our company is one where, regardless of your tenure, you can achieve what you want with enthusiasm and a sense of urgency. If you have the leadership to forge ahead into the future, let’s build it together.

Head of General Affairs DepartmentDaiki Okita

Empower yourself as a generalist
with a versatile skill set!
Become the best supporter for the representative.

As a generalist, I handle a wide range of tasks including general affairs, labor management, human resources, and accounting. I prefer not to set limits for myself, so I try to take on anything and everything whenever possible!

【Company’s Appeal】
The passion and sincerity of our representative! Their passion for the business is extraordinary, driven by a long-standing interest in environmental issues. There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to creating something truly great; decisions are made only after thorough discussions until everyone is satisfied. Moreover, our representative is incredibly sincere, always expressing gratitude to everyone, no matter how small the matter. It’s the combination of passion and sincerity that makes everyone in the team eager to grow the company together with the representative!

【Future Goals】
While aiming for IPO, I also want to establish systems that benefit the company, its employees, and the Earth. For example, in terms of employee benefits, I want to create a system that not only enhances engagement through activities like purchasing environmentally friendly products or participating in tree-planting events but also contributes to the Earth. I aspire to make our company truly eco-friendly and employee-friendly.

【Personal Commitment to Carbon Neutrality】
I’ve taken small steps like placing houseplants at home, purchasing clothing with low CO2 emissions, and using bicycles instead of cars on weekends!

【Message to Job Seekers】
I understand that there may be times when you feel discouraged despite having something you want to do or feeling passionate about it. But at our company, feel free to express yourself openly and confidently. There are no barriers to giving opinions, regardless of your position, and we welcome anyone with passionate ideas and feelings! Let’s all work together towards the same goal and create a better company and planet!


Recruitment for
Tokyo Branch
Recruitment for
Osaka Branch
Recruitment for
Overseas Branch
●Recruitment Fields:
Sales/Subsidy Consultant/Human Resources/General Affairs, etc.
Only mid-career hires (Internship positions may be available)
●Selection Process:
Document Screening → First Interview → Final Interview *The process may vary
●Work Location:
6th Floor, Ami Hall, 1-1-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Working Hours:
●Annual Salary:
¥3,000,000 - ¥6,000,000
Social insurance coverage/Transportation allowance/Free drinks


Please tell me the process to create internal constants.
Document Screening ➡ First Interview ➡ Second Interview ➡ Job Offer
Can I attempt the selection process multiple times within the same hiring year?
We will only allow one attempt for the selection process. Please note that we do not accept reapplications.
Please tell me about hiring women.
We have established systems to support ease of work with the aim of enabling diverse talents to thrive. Additionally, initiatives such as career development support to enhance job satisfaction are also underway, and female employees are actively contributing in various departments. We eagerly await proactive applications.
Please tell me about hiring international students.
At Tanso-man GX, which aims to create new value with customers worldwide, we actively recruit international students and have been welcoming them to our company every year in recent years. Please note that the selection schedule is the same as for other recruits.
It’s an IT company, but what kind of roles do people with liberal arts
backgrounds play?
Employees from humanities backgrounds are thriving in a wide range of fields, including sales (domestic and international), promotion, quality assurance, general affairs, accounting, human resources, business planning, legal affairs, and more. They are also making significant contributions in indirect departments within technical and engineering divisions.
What is the atmosphere like in the office?
We highly value “sincerity” and prioritize it above all else. Our team respects and supports each other, fostering an open and comfortable working environment.
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Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or questions
regarding Tanso-Man GX.